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  • 1 lb tamarind without the seeds
  • 1 cup granulated white sugar for mixing
  • 1 cup granulated white sugar for dusting and rolling
  • 1 tbsp salt
  • 5 cloves ground garlic
  • Ground wiri wiri peppers
  • Cuisine: Cooking time: 15 mins Serving: 10 people

    A spicy gumdrop packed with tang and tons of flavor. Bet you can’t just have one. Who needs gummy bears when you can have this spicy, chewy and sweet exotic treat.

    Tamarind is one of those fruits that’s definitely addicting and lipsmackingly delicious. You either love it or you have an adversion to it. Just by itself straight out the shell is a great way to snack on it but why not just add a little bit of sugar and some pepper and give yourself a delectable treat. If you can’t find tamarind pulp by itself you could buy the whole tamarind pods; shell and separate the seeds and collect the pulp to create tamarind balls. Most Asian food markets will sell tamarind pulp along with the seeds. If you do buy the packaged tamarind, make sure you get the sour one not the sweet variety. Traditionally tamarind balls have a seed in the middle but I prefer to make it without.


    I would recommend wearing a disposable glove when mixing and assembling the tamarind balls since you will be working with pepper

    • Depending on the type of tamarind you have, obtain pulp and set aside in a bowl


    • Add ground garlic, wiri wiri peppers and sugar to the pulp
    • Add salt to bring out the flavors
    • Mix together
    • Take some sugar in your hand and begin forming small round balls. The sugar should help in rolling the tamarind, but you don’t want to use too much

    Tamarind ball

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