Welcome to a delectable treat of Guyanese cuisine. My name is Sue and I am a Guyanese American. I immigrated from Guyana when I was five years old. I grew up in NY, a true melting pot of cultures and cuisines. Growing up and learning family secrets from my mother and various family members, I re-created many authentic Guyanese dishes to make it simple, original, and healthy.

After getting married to my wonderful husband Dany in 2008 and becoming a mother to our beautiful daughter, Roma, and handsome sons Shiv, Surya, Shivram and Satesh, it became important for me to retain the valuable recipes I have acquired throughout the years.

With our professional background in Pharmacy, I wanted to incorporate our knowledge of science for a healthy and holistic lifestyle. I chose to highlight our culinary splendor because there is no true representation of our tasty heritage. This inspired me to compile a collection of authentic Guyanese /Caribbean recipes which is truly a distinct and flavorful blend of our cuisine.

In our fast food and fast lifestyle , it is challenging to teach future generations about our culture and cuisine. Please join in celebrating our rich flavors and succulent dishes that we and the next generation can enjoy what is truly Tasty Guyana!